Celebrate a special occasion with a curated art or sensory activity for an entire group in one location or for participants in their own homes. Observe a child’s birthday or gather your adult friends for a virtual or in-person celebration! There are plenty of options for the activity alone or for a project led by a teacher.


You can choose your project, add-ins, instruction and delivery methods al a carte

Instruction rate:

  • $65 for one hour of virtual teaching
  • $75 for one hour of in-person teaching *

Project rate for projects:

Individual kits:

  • $8 per kit for collage, drawing or printmaking
  • $12 per kit for clay or painting


  • $5 per kit for sensory project like dough or potions
  • $3 per kit for mini-project

Group kits:

  • $6 per kit for collage, drawing or printmaking
  • $9 per kit for clay or painting


  • FREE pick-up from my home near St. Clair Hospital, 15243
  • $5 local delivery of all party kits to host, must be within a 5 mile radius of St. Clair Hospital


You can choose from the following themes listed below or we can create a customized theme based on your honoree’s or groups’ interests

Harry Potter

Take a stroll down Diagon Alley and create the tools you’ll need for your first year at Hogwarts


Create Hedwig, a snowy owl, inside of a gilded cage using collage and drawing


  • Potions
  • Wand personalization

Fairy Gardens or Gnome Homes

Sculpt a unique dwelling for a fairy or gnome using air dry clay and embellish it with a variety of natural and art materials


Decorated clay dwelling and fantasy friend


  • Fairy potion or glitter jar
  • Transform into a Fairy or Gnome collage
  • Miniature Fairy or Gnome Sculpture

Unicorn Shaker

Create a magical unicorn using experimental watercolor methods and simple weaving


Water colored unicorn silhouette and yarn weave mane


  • Potion or glitter jar
  • Rainbow bleeding tissue paper resist
  • Unicorn dough play

Party Information

  • The instruction rate is due at the time of booking to secure the date
  • Final participant count is due two weeks before the celebration
  • Project rate is due two weeks before the celebration at the time of final participant count

Want to start the conversation? Reach out to me with possible celebration dates, estimated number of participants and project or theme ideas!